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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Training (CHFI)

About the CHFI | Computer Forensics Training

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator is more commonly called the CHFI certification. Computer analysis and investigation is a crucial part of not only preventing hacking attacks but also tracing those attacks when they do happen and gathering evidence that will help to bring the hackers to justice. This course will help you to understand the process involved in detecting potential computer penetrations and will arm you to be able to not only report the crime to the proper authorities but also collect evidence that will be able to be used against the perpetrator in court.

Beginning with a basic overview of how to secure your network against hackers, the CHFI course then quickly delves into how to trace hack attacks as they are in process or even after the fact. You will learn how to follow in the hacker’s footsteps, collecting evidence that he may have inadvertently left behind, and which you can later use in prosecuting his actions. You will also learn how to provide expert opinion in a court of law and how to write forensic reports that are comprehensible, rational, and easy to grasp.

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