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EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Training (ECSA/LPT)

The ECSA/LPT training class is a boot camp computer security course designed by the nation’s top computer security instructors. It delves into the most advanced hacking, penetration, and security implementation practices, teaching you how to use a diverse selection of hacking techniques on the system you have been hired to protect in order to ascertain its security risks and penetration hazards. You will learn about the myriad ways a system or a network can be hacked into as well as an arsenal of tricks to avoid those attacks or at least minimize the risk of being penetrated.

Held during a total of 40 hours on a daytime schedule, the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst, or ECSA, course will boost both your analytic and diagnostic skills of computer penetration risks and help you to become a leader in the field of network security. The ECSA course will help you to take the next step in your computer forensic science savvy and hacking prevention practices.

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