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Certified Ethical Hacker Training - CEH

Created by one of the hottest computer certification agencies in the world, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training course is an aggressive tactical assault on hacking and penetration practices. Spanning a five day period, this course aims to fortify both your knowledge and application of a broad assortment of security methods. It is intended for web site administrators, computer security professionals, and others with an interest in the security of their network.

Students are taught in this CEH class first how to hack into their own systems and then how to secure the systems from those attacks. Perimeter defense is taught in depth as well as how to prevent trespassers from escalating their privileges as they break into your system. Besides Intrusion Prevention and Detection, basic Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, and Policy and Virus Creation are also included in the CEH training curriculum. This course will begin you on the path of becoming a top level computer security professional.

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