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Advanced Penetration Tester Training

An intensive training program designed for computer professionals who have a high level of network and security experience, the Advanced Penetration Tester course will take you to the next level in the art of exploiting and penetrating computer and network systems. With the goal of helping you to prevent computer and network break-ins, this course analyzes a wide variety of hacking techniques, aiming to create experts who can not only prevent attacks but who understand the essential processes and reasoning behind those attacks.

The vast majority of this course features a brave hands-on structure where students are immersed in actually attacking highly protected systems and learning how to defend from those attacks. Beginning with attacking simple web applications and dealing with firewalls, students will then move on to penetrating from a Local Area Network and will learn how to grab control of a computer’s Active Directory. The Advanced Penetration Tester course is full of challenges and will encourage future pen-testers to think outside of the box.