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Today’s hottest IT security trend is to learn to become a ethical hacker. Ethical hacking training is available all over the place and is huge among the DoD community, especially since the addition of the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification to the DoD 8570 Directive. 

Computer crimes have been on the rise and much of its popularity has been exasperated by the media and movies that feature computer hacking. Many computer crimes such as hacking can be used to defraud as well as serve as an accomplishment for the perpetrator.


How to Become a Hacker - Training Information

A commonly searched phrase these days is "how to become a hacker", and for good reason. Hacking has become an extremely viable career path. If you want to know how to become a hacker, then use the form at the top of the page to request training information and pricing.

Why Become a Hacker??
Some of the most notable hackers have infiltrated computer systems belonging to governments, large corporations and non-for profit groups. While many of these high profile internet crimes were used to steal information, some of these crimes were committed with malicious intent. Hackers usually gain unauthorized access to a victims’ computer by brute force or buy using what is commonly known as a virus.

Viruses can be sent unknowingly from host to host, recruiting other computer systems to carry out the malicious codes bidding. Many of these viruses can completely disable a computer system and may require a great deal of time and effort in order to rid any particular system of the virus.

Internet security companies as well as governments themselves employ persons with the ability to hack their systems. The purpose of hiring hackers to oversee security measures put into to place is to ensure that the employer’s computer systems are as secure as possible. Professionals that know the tricks of the trade will be better equipped to deal with and avert hacking threats as they come.

Computer security professionals often utilize many of the same hacking tools used by persons who wish to break into a computer system. Keeping track of all the new tactics implemented by unlawful hackers on almost a daily occurrence and developing new ways to safeguard a client’s computer infrastructure is the main goal of the security professional.

Criminal forensic labs also employ persons with hacking ability. Law enforcement agencies actively seek people who have experience in gathering computer information for evidence purposes. Evidence in terms of Internet or computer crimes can be crucial with regard to prosecuting a criminal case. Just like a police detective, computer forensic specialists need to be acquainted with the mind of a suspect.


Ethical Hackers Are Important to Digital Security

Hacking, a term once associated with criminal activity and the more mischievous counter-culture movements of the 1990s, has since come quite a long way. The term still carries with it a degree of controversy. Some argue that hacking, by definition, involves criminal intent and destructive results. Most, however, agree that the ideas and principles behind computer hacking can be very positively applied by the proper individuals.

Indeed, hacking has seen an increasingly legitimate presence in the software, technology, and information industries. “White hat” hacking, or hacking that serves distinctly benevolent purposes, has arisen as a completely viable career path, with its own legitimate credentials and a multitude of employment opportunities that continues to grow every year.

At the heart of the white hat hacking movement is an organization known as the EC-Council. Operating out its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants operates a variety of IT security conferences and provides many different certifications. Its most well-known, however, is the Certified Ethical Hacker recognition.

The “official badge” of ethical hacking if there were to be one, the classification of Certified Ethical Hacker opens an individual up to a variety of cutting-edge employment opportunities within the expanding market for white hat hacking and IT security consulting.

Ethical hackers are typically employed either by security firms or by companies themselves, and are charged with testing proprietary software and information systems. Tasked with finding weaknesses and performing penetration testing, ethical hackers are vastly important to online and informational security. Ultimately, Certified Ethical Hackers wind up preventing a serious amount of crime.

One of the first known “ethical hacks” was commissioned and performed on behalf of the United States Air Force. The test was performed on the Multics Operating System, and the US Government has continued to be an avid supporter of the ethical hacking community. For years, the government has supported and employed white hat hackers to guarantee that its information networks and security systems remain invulnerable to attack from any individual or groups.

Many different government agencies have employment positions which require that applicants be Certified Ethical Hackers, and the National Security Agency even offers its own ethical hacking classification.

It becomes clear that hacking, in and of itself, can be a beneficial and even necessary component in digital safety. As we come to rely more and more on digital channels for storing and transmitting our most sensitive information, hackers are one of the most important keys to keeping those channels secure at all times. First and foremost, ethical hacking provides a viable career path due to the sheer number of employment opportunities. Additionally, however, ethical hackers get the added benefit of knowing that their work is important to security, on both a national and individual level. For both financial and moral reasons, the career path of the ethical hacker is an attractive one, indeed.


The Best Ethical Hacking Training in the World

Literally? Yes, we mean that. We are the winners of the EC-Council 2010 and 2011 ATC of the Year Award. If you want to become a hacker, fill out the form at the top of this page.

Online / CBT Ethical Hacker Training

The EC-Council runs a program called the iClass which provides you with multiple delivery options for a self paced computer based training (CBT) / online CEH course. Use th form below to be contacted by an EC-Council representative about their online / cbt training options.

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